Rap Along With Z: Ride The Rhythm by HG ft Hizelle

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Verse 1

Put your mind to this shit and stay focused/ get your paper and spend it clever stay fly forever uh/ it's a long way to riches man I got it figured/ a couple haters nah they ain't about to starve uh/ I lay my game down just right/ I got your lady sleeping under my sheets/ all night/ don't get Tyson eyes/ I hitchu with one two get hypnotized/ your type of real don't recognize its all televised check it/ Ride the rhythm feel the flow love the feeling uh/ Talkin now laid back and I'm Chillin/ these niggas know I spit flows something like my bro Ichiro/ and could start a movement if you didn't know/ I'm on the low/ I got this shit under control/working hard/ progressing all my niggas Finna blow/ let's go/ let's get it/ you know about seeing more man I'm finished uh talk to Em cuz and tell Em how we do it uh

Verse 2
Street knowledge amazes scholars when we coin phrases for dollars/ it's going down baby what you want I got it/ I don't play games and I don't play fair/ look me in my eyes Realest nigga in here uh / This that 90s shit puffin on the chronic mix it with the tonic only blowing smoke from the finest uh/Ready to fly without a doubt my life is cinematic/ I told Hizelle to give Em hell if they show you static/Stay low stay humble/ mothafuck assumptions/ if show up at your function know it gonna be something/ this is lit if I go it's a very rare moment/everything I rock know it's hot cuz I own it/ your girl Gon flock/ your lady a thot/ when she got up under the wing you lost her Han/ Times up/ good look Tryna fuck with this/Ride the rhythm baby you know you can't fuck with us haaaa

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